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Concave vs convex! (vee)

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

So simple!
Check your sun glasses. Inside is a concave, outside is a convex = vee. A concave adds speed to your board because it straightens the centre line (stinger) of your board! The concave adds grip to turns. The rail grabs first!

A vee is the opposite. Vee bottoms are are used where no extra speed is needed, e.g. big waves! Bigger waves have power, so there’s no need for your board to get extra speed. The vee is used to get your board on rail a lot smoother.

Try this

Go to the kitchen sink and turn on the cold tap. Grab a spoon and first hold the convex side up under the running tap. Roll the spoon from side to side. Notice the water release off the edge of the spoon? Also, you can tip the spoon from side to side more easily.

Now turn the spoon over. Water everywhere! The water spits off the concave (inside) of the spoon much faster and much harder!

Its the same as your board. Water travels across the board diagonally. The only time water travels straight down your board is when you’re headed in a straight line back to the beach. Have a look at surf photos, you can see the water squirting out just like that spoon under the tap.

You can check out the concave in your board by using a straight edge across your board, examples of this are shown in these photos.

Ok then, what does double concave mean?

Well, that’s 2 spoons under the tap—that just wet your shirt—but adds the concept or a vee!! It means you can break a rail–line easier than a single concave (think of the roll part of spoon added to the scoop of the spoon). It’s another design to break your board on rail easily, while keeping concave!

I love double concave, but it must be kept under back foot for best results! I do a lot of bigger guys and bigger wave boards with this in mind! For the heavy footed or for power in waves, double concave is a must!!