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Cleaning your Surfboard!!

Sunday, November 30th, 2008
  1. Dirty surfboardSo, your board had a hard night out and needs some love. Here is an easy way to make your Santangelo Surfboard look brand new again!

  2. Scrape wax off surfboardUsing a wax comb, scrape as much wax off as possible. Scrunch up used wax and throw over the fence.

  3. Clean surfboardUsing a off–cut of towel (take a pair of scissors and hit the linen cupboard!), wipe down the entire board with petrol or turps. This will melt down the wax and not harm your boards your surfboard shaper about what paints they use ! Professionals use acryic laquer! Not responsble for cheaper spray or finnish! buy the best get the best!! Do not use acetone or thinners!!!

  4. Careful around FCS finsBe careful around FCS screws! Best bet is to take fins out and screw the FCS grub screws down below surface.

  5. Clean surfboard with jiffUse Jiff (or similar cream cleaning product) and squirt it over your board.

  6. Clean surfboard with jiffUsing a light kitchen scourer with water, wash off the petrol residue along with any remaining wax marks and dirty finger prints. Let the Jiff do most of the work. No need to scratch the life out of your board with the scourer. If you’re scared, use the sponge side.

  7. Wipe surfboard with towelWash off with water and with the left over towel from the linen cupboard dry your board off.

  8. Nice sparkling clean surfboardWOLLA!!!! Brand new board again!!!! Look after her, she is your best friend!