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Sandon Whitaker Experiment

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Sandon Whitakers early quiver

Sandon Whitakers early quiver

Sandys first board . BLUE MEMO
At age of 5 this board was shaped with his old foamy in mind.
Plenty of area and paddle and most important plane. Sandy needed to be comfy to wont to surf his first custom instead of his foamy. Gary his dad agreed it had to be an early 80’s model. It has alot of tail area and straighter curve to give it run.
Sandy still needed a push from gary but the board planed unreal. 1 foot corner lefts to the beach!
Mum and Dad designed spray!
Sandys next board Big Skull
It was another year when Sandy piggy bank broke.
It was also time to make sandy turn more than pig dog to the beach and the only way to do that is pull in the area , so the 2nd board was slightly refinded to see what Sandy can do? Its the same idea, you get a more advanced board your surfing inproves! Gary asked for an early 90,s modle board!
Worked a treat . Still had the important plane for lenght of joy but a hint of responce to turn from. Sandy started to do cut backs ! stoked!
Sandy surched the web for that skull spray
Sandys 3rd small skull and flames
This was a surprise board.
I needed to see if sandy could handle a much more high performace out line ,still with plane in mind for reach to beach factor. So i made it as an experiment to see.
Little bugger had a tough time paddleing it but his turns inproved , his take offs insane (developed a great late take off ) and was starting to think where he was on the wave.
Insane for a 7 year old!
Gary has put alot of love into Sandans passion by skateing, waste beep in water for 3 years helping sandy. Great dad full of encouragement without push but always full of fun! Legend
Spray had to be similar so his last board was still loved!
Sandys Star board!
This was the board i introduced rocker!
Stop Sandy crusing and make him think where the power and curve of a wave is he needs to surf!
We added paddle power similar outline suited to his growth , now 8.
Clearly remember his first wave on that board! Gary gave him a shove on a sick left and Sandy raced and ran out of puff! turned and sat in pocket to the beach doing his new moves he learnt on his old board! Gary said it paddles heaps better ! I can finally get some waves myself! bothe stoked,
The star spray Gary sat up all night cutting out stencils!
Sandys boards have been an insane challange and takes alot out of me. Stoked to see him happy!
Surfing is still a young sport to adapt to 8 year olds!
We have under 8 soccer ,league tennis .golf etc!
Get out there and enjoy your kids
Avoca Board Riders has a white water parent assist comp!
Taking my kid!
All welcome
See you there