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Sandans latest boards ..cont…

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

These are the latest boards!
What we did here is add more rocker =and concave!
Make the gromit carve turns!
shorten his rail ark , look for pocket and think more where the best part of the wave is!
this board is drawn out as well . Clean outline with carve in mind.
Sandy learnt to surf bigger waves on this board.
Sandy lernt to surf copa point on this board .
The board has paddle and grunt for juice!
clean pin tail for carve style and intro into size!
Experiment went well !
Thats the board laying on grass!

Sandy steped up a notch! sick!
Carving copa point and laying hard grab rail cut backs dont win heats in 1 foot slop ! yeh!
well lets add tail area to the party !
Much like a snow shoe in snow compared to stilts!
with plane carve turn we addd slop!
still round tail but much fuller!
adds float behind back foot drive !
added tail area and shorten rail length and decreased nose width!
Flouro colors to catch chick
It works and soon sandy will need to move again and get a new board.
What is next I will share!
Already working on it!
Sandy is ready for high porformance boards beyond his insane talent
been testing the answer myself now.
hope sandy loves it
Saga continues………….